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Selling a Left hand drive car

You can now sell a left hand drive car in countries that support right hand steering wheels, in order to Sell a left-hand drive in the UK it should be the same procedure as a right-hand drive, but its way better to find a specialized lhd car buyer.  If you’re selling it privately, just be sure your ad makes it clear it’s a left-hand-drive vehicle and  don’t forget that the new owner will need the right documentation as well.

On the other hand , there are also lots of car dealers who specialize in buying and selling LHD cars. They can also sort out all the paperwork for you, so this can be a simpler option. You might get a better return on your car if you sell it privately instead of to a dealer but selling direct to a buyer means no headache of paperwork or registered ownership transfers which can be tricky when dealing with left hand steering cars.

Customer care/aftercare

always check that a buyer has after care and a refund policy which you wont get privately but should get that offer from a registered car dealer.

Most car buyers will offer to buy all makes of left hand drive cars and you can have your car picked up from anywhere in England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales. In addition to buying left-hand drive cars frequently in mainland Europe, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy etc. at WBLHD’s we have experience with legal paperwork relating to ownership exchanges in various countries.

How to sell a left hand drive car?

Following are some tips onselling a left hand drive car

Transfer of ownership — make sure to fill out the correct forms for new ownership , even if its a car buyer, make sure to get the details as some lhd buyers will try and keep the ownership record as low as possible (known as ‘previous owners’)

MOT & Car maintenance – MOT is a major requirement in most countries to help show that the vehickle is road worthy, doesnt matter if its rhd or lhd as all cars and vans require this

Sell to a registered Buyer — When selling a left-hand drive car in the UK, you will find that many are registered under different trading names to buying, make sure you chose the correct dealer that you originally spoke to when inquiring

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