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How to sell LHD car in UK?

The first thing you want to do is secure a good buyer like WBLHD’s and have ready all your paper work for transfer, in most cases the paperwork for the lhd car is always missing something but our team are very good at securing all documents for the transfer.

The next thing is to have a set price or minimum price in mind so you will want to obtain a valuation for your lhd car in the uk. Always obtain more than one price for the lhd car and keep your minimum set value on you and don’t go lower than that.

Sell LHD Car in UK

Selling lhd cars in uk is a task within itself but WBLHDS is one of the best places to sell the LHD CAR in UK as the team will travel to you and pay an advance deposit if they see potential in the lhd vehicle. If you are looking to sell though, the best advise i can give ius to search the internet for prices tgo similar cars, auto trader, facebook motors and gumtree motors are all quite similar and can provide the best base prices.

  1. Remember to maintain all the paperwork making the buyers job easier when re registering it oterwise they will be callimng you after purchase
  2. write up a sales reciept , it doesnt matter if you are selling or buying, a receipt of sale bill secures a date and time the transfer was done, why is this good? lets say the new owner gets a speeding ticket after buying, you will have the proof that it was not you
  3. Try to take bank transfer over cash payments, you will be shocked at how many fake notes circulate europe these days
  4. Be honest about mechanical issues , any buyer will still buy if its a small issue


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