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Sell LHD Cars in europe

In the UK, there is less demand for LHD European cars (there is a small market). There are specialist lhd car buyers that advertise as Car dealers , this is your best bet at getting a sale and a good price at that. If you chose the wrong type of dealer then it is common for dealerships not to purchase your vehicle as they cannot resell it.

  • It needs to be imported properly. Thus, they will need to make modifications to it in order to pass an MOT, as well as complete a lot of paperwork, which will cost them money.
  • It won’t be possible for them to sell it since Europe doesn’t have much of a market for LHD cars.
  • Moreover, their insurance policies generally only cover vehicles with a right-hand drive


So as i said before, look for specialist that knows about there right hand cars from the left hand drive cars and you will probably be a much happier bunny

How to Sell LHD Car ?

What you can do is:

  • Consider advertising it online. Someone might be interested in buying it (usually for parts)
  • If damaged, you may sell the parts of the vehicle in a scrapyard, Commonly, this is an option, if your vehicle is common enough that there is a market for spare parts
  • You may sell the LHD vehicle in your country of residence and contact we buy left hand drives that come directly to you

DVLA registration is required when the vehicle is to be used in the UK. Make sure the vehicle has an MOT (assuming it is in good repair and would pass on its own without modification).

In the UK it is tricky to sell left-hand cars. What should I do?

The UK should not discriminate between left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles. Your advertisement needs to specify that the vehicle is left-hand drive – be sure to also include all the necessary paperwork for the buyer.

Buying and selling left-hand-drive vehicles may also be available from many car dealers. This option allows the company to handle all your paperwork for you. Think about selling your car privately rather than through a dealer if you want a higher return on your investment.


Just reach out to our team who can help you sell same day, heck, weve been known to buy the cars in the same couple hours so your fastest bet with least headache is we buy left hand drives company.


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