Left hand drive buyers UK

buying a LHD vehicle in the UK

Left hand drive buyers UK

Uk left hand drive car buyers usually Want Any Left Hand Drive Car no matter how old, or the mileage . Your LHD car will usually be collected for free from your house when you sell it to. Left hand drive car buyers in the UK usually pay more than your local countries dealers as the UK has a high demand for rare items, therefor the value is more.In case you are thinking¬† ”Why do car dealers even buy lhd cars in UK”?¬† you should know that before and after Brexit UK , the uk had taken many western Europeans and housed them with Jobs to earn. These people were already used to left hand drive cars and many ended up either traveling back to there countries and buying lhd cars to bring here (because they were cheaper) or started to demand within the UK itself. Soon enough the Europeans found that when they were selling the cars in UK, they would get more money than paid in the first place, this led to high numbers of people buying and selling lhd cars in the UK which created the bespoke left hand drive car buyer. Left hand drive buyers are unique to common car dealers and only specialise in left side wheel cars, vans and suv’s.


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How to find trusted left hand drive buyers UK?

Finding a lhd car buyer isnt hard at all, you can try many methods from the following list from

Auto trader

Ebay Cars

Facebook Cars

Gumtree Cars

Directly search Google maps or search engines similar to google.

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What to look for when buying an LHD vehicle in the UK

You can start your vehicle search online so that you get an idea of what kind of cars are available along with the prices they sell for, this will give you a base price of how much you want to be paying for a certain lhd car. Or you can find directly car dealers that only buy and sell lhd cars , The following dealers specialize in LHD cars and have websites where you can learn more about them before going to their dealership: Left Hand Drive Place, RHD, and LHD Car Supermarket, We buy left hand drive LHD Sales, Heathrow LHD, RHD and LHD Car Showroom London LHD car Centre.


You can again choose to use our very own buying and selling lhd car platform, sell or buy without headache and total trusted source , We’ve been buying LHD cars for 15 years. We know how to get the best price for your LHD car.

Let’s keep it simple, quick, and honest, The goal of “we buy left hand drive” is to find the best price for any LHD vehicle, regardless of age or condition. We don’t charge hidden admin fees like other web-based buyers, so what you see is what you pay.

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