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Left hand drive car dealers

left-hand drive car dealers come in many forms , they buy and sell buses, vans , cars, motorbikes, boats and more. This car dealer specializes in cars that have left sided wheels, i know all my american friends are like ”what”, thats normal here” , But in the UK a left hand drive car is rarely seen as the laws and regulations are made for right hand steering wheel cars. 99% Of drivers in UK will be owning or driving a right hand drive car or van. Left hand drive car dealers originated from before BREXIT when many Europeans from the west came to study , worek or settle in UK, these guys all bought cars with them from home countries and the uk suddenly had a market for left hand drive cars. Thats where the left hand drive dealers come i9n to the picture, seeing the niche market , many car dealers¬† narrowed down to lhd cars, easier to buy, find and low comp rite?

Left Hand Drive Car Dealers in UK

Left hand drive car dealers in the UK that specialize in only lhd cars do exist and you dont even need to look far, just google it and you will find tons of them now days, the left hand drive car market was never this big before , well, as big as it is now. Its still small but big for how many cars come on the market in lhd steering wheels. As the cars went up in numbers so did the lhd car deralers, they saw the potential to cash in and started to sell out the right hand cars to swap for a left hand car trader.


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