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Types of LHD Volvo Cars (Models)

It's the second generation of Volvo's mid-size luxury SUV, XC90, which has been manufactured since 2002. First introduced at the 2002 NAIAS, it shared its platform with other large Volvos, including the Volvo S80 first generation. Volvo's Torslandaverken plant handled production. At the end of 2014, Volvo moved its production equipment from Sweden to China, renaming the vehicle Volvo XC Classic. Some of the most resounding models in the company's modern history include the ÖV4/PV4, PV650 Series, TR670 Series, PV36 Carioca, PV51 Series, PV800 Series, PV444/544, PV60, Duett, P1900, Amazon, P1800.

LHD Volvo car with left hand wheel

Origin of LHD Volvo

LHD Volvo car with the best models

In those days of right-hand traffic in Sweden, Volvos were sold with left-hand drive. The following quote is from Volvo President Assar Gabrielsson, taken from chapter 74 of his sales manual dated 1936:

The roads in Sweden were narrow and winding when automobiles were first introduced. You had to be very attentive to the left shoulder of the road when you had to pass a horse and cart or another vehicle. American automobiles are always delivered with the steering wheel on the left side, so in a small market like Sweden, manufacturers were reluctant to convert their vehicles to right-hand drive. Consequently, American car salespeople in Sweden are often overemphasizing the significance of the left shoulder. Thus, the Swedish people have become accustomed to having the steering wheel on the left side, despite driving in Sweden.

For the most part, the steering wheel is positioned on the right side at right-hand traffic or on the left side at left-hand traffic. As Volvo, we are fully convinced that taking road standards into account, the left shoulder is of little or no practical significance. If you are going to overtake, it is essential to see the road ahead. Therefore, it would make sense that Volvos were designed to be right-hand-drive. Despite this, we continue to use left-hand drive since we do not need to be a pioneer in this field. Our dealers would be burdened with additional work if we only supplied right-hand drive Volvos as we believe there would be resistance from our customers. This is the reason why we will continue selling left-hand drive cars. However, Volvo buses and trucks can be delivered either left or right-hand drive, depending on the customer's preference.

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