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Types of LHD Ford Cars (Models)

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  • For Passenger Vehicles: Price represents the manufacturer's recommendation ''On the Road''. There is delivery to the dealer, 12 months Government Vehicle Excise Duty, the Government First Registration Fee, and the cost of registration plates (estimated), but no available retailer savings are included.
  • There are several costs included in the Basic Recommended Retail Price excluding VAT and any associated customer savings, as well as " on the road" costs, such as delivery to the dealer, 12 months' vehicle excise duty, the Government'sGovernment's first registration fee, and the cost of number plates.
  • ''On the Road'Road' price is the manufacturer's recommended price. It includes delivery to the dealer, 12 months government vehicle excise duty, the government's first registration fee, the estimated number plate cost, and the government's 20% sales tax, but excludes any retail customer savings.
LHD Ford cars with left hand wheel

Some of the most resounding models in the company's modern history include the Ford Focus Diesel, Ford Mustang, Ford Fiesta ST LINE, Ford galaxy v6 lhd, Ford s-max 2.0, Left Hand Drive Ford, Left Hand Drive Ford Explorer Xlt, Ford c-max, Ford KA, Ford Tourneo, Ford Kuga 2.0, MUSTANG 5.0, Mercedes C230, Ford Transit.

Origin of LHD Ford Car

LHD Ford cars with the best models in uk

Around 76 nations and territories use left-hand traffic, which originated in ancient Rome as a defensive measure against enemies.

What is the reason for some countries driving on the left side of the road? The majority of countries drive on the right side. However, about 76 countries and territories prefer driving on the left-hand side.

It is believed that the practice originated in ancient Rome. The Romans steered their carts and chariots with the left hand to allow their right hand to be freed up to defend themselves against enemy attacks.


In the 1908 model year, Ford switched to left-hand drive. The following is an excerpt from a Ford catalog from 1908, which describes the benefits of locating the controls on the left side of the vehicle: "The left side of the car is the logical location for the controls for the following reasons: When traveling along the right side of the road, it was necessary to walk around the car to reach the controls. Especially if there is a woman to be considered, it is inconvenient. You may step onto the curbing without having to turn the car around by using the control on the left.

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